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Have a great time.:iconallmyloveplz:
Hello all, I joined instagram recently, so post your instagram in the comments so I can follow.…
Hello all, I'm not dead. I'm still making art, but it's art for college not the usual stuff. The artwork that I create for college is contemporary art; things like installations and sculptures- stuff I don't post on DA. I will return eventually, plus dealing with love, the gif sums that up lol. Hope you all are happy.

Hello everyone, been a while, how have you been? Hope you're fine.:la:

So, what makes a good wallpaper? I'm interested in this topic, I want to try something new, so why not try my hand at wallpaper. Now keep in mind I'm talking about digital wallpaper here. If I do make any, it's going to be in my paper-cutting style, so I'm open to suggestions.
Sorry, tutorial is on hold again. Dealing with a lot of crap. See for yourself, I'm in this pic somewhere.
The tutorial is coming soon...ish.
Have a great time.:iconallmyloveplz:
Hello all, how have you all been, hope all is well?
You can see the video here,…  you can see the creator of the video here,
Hey, is anyone here on Society6? I've got some questions.
Hello everyone,I need some help.Before the year is up,I'll be making a new tutorial,hopefully,one that's more detailed.
I need help in the FAQ section of the tutorial.
Are there any question you would like me answer about my paper cutting art style?
Is there anything you would like to know?
In the new tutorial,I'll included these question (if I get any).Thanks for the help,I'll reply soon.:icondeepthoughtplz: